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Glossiva Brightening Cream with Kojic Acid Natural Whitening


  • MADE IN USA & WITH FDA APPROVAL: Use the Glossiva Brightening Cream with a peace of mind knowing that it is manufactured in the United States of America in an FDA registered facility.
  • WHITENING POWER OF KOJIC ACID: A natural by-product in the fermentation process of malting rice, Kojic Acid is a natural skin beautifying agent that is the main active ingredient of Glossiva Brightening Cream. Why apply potentially harmful chemicals on your skin when there is a natural more organic solution? Enjoy whitened, evenly toned skin through using our brightening cream without having to worry about the side effects of artificial chemical.
  • SOFT NURISHED SKIN: Not only does the Glossiva Brightening Cream whiten and even out skin tones, it also contains natural compounds that nourish the skin, including Aloe Leaf Juice, Chamomile Extract, Green Team Extra, Olivet Leaf Extract and Vitamin B3. Glossiva brightening Cream will give you healthier, well-nourished skin, which means you will have a natural radiance that’s younger and more beautiful.
  • BRIGHTEN SKIN SAFELY, NO BLEACHING: The Glossiva Brightening Cream whitens and lightens unwanted dark spots and blemishes using natural active ingredients. While some brightening creams features different which is a chemical bleaching compound that requires prescription in some countries, the Glossiva Brightening Cream safely and gently transforms your skin tone to become beautifully even and radiant.
  • LASTING PIGMENT REDUCTION: Glossiva Brightening Cream works by preventing the formation of melanin, the pigmentation produced by your body, while at the same time lightening existing hyperpigmentation, dark spots, sun damage and scars. Our brightening cream gives you more control over the chemistry of your skin, to stop pigment from forming, giving a long lasting pigment reduction.


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